Friday, November 23, 2018

Winter 2018

 Cozy gal~ It's the day after Thanksgiving and I just realized I need to start updating my blog again! I have been so caught up in school and overall feeling very tired and sad for the past months but I'm gonna try my best to update this more... These are some cute PJ's I got at Forever21 back in Spring! And a My Melody plush I won on Toreba. Even though I didn't go out once yesterday I did my makeup just to be in a better mood. I am obsessed with Can Make's eyeshadow primer lately. It seriously makes such a huge difference and I'm so glad I decided to get it when I was in Japan. These are also my natural lashes with a bit of mascara. Tbh I buy most of my makeup at drugstores and am starting to realize that I don't need to wear fake lashes as much. I think I like mascara better lately and it doesn't weigh down my eyelid or cost as much. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Red Rock Canyon

The second morning of our trip we stopped at a cute little Mexican restaurant that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere/suburbia. 

The food was super yummy and filling so we headed on to the canyons. (After taking some gal pics, of course.)

Visiting Red Rock Canyon was so much fun!! I didn't expect such a beautiful place to be so close to Las Vegas. 

These rocks were sand dunes many many years ago......
This is what happens why you ask guys to take cute pics of you and your girlfriends lmao!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Vegas Shopping Spree

These are some cute kuro gyaru items I got from a sweet girl on FB! The dress is from Dreamv, vest is from Dia and the top is Dia style but unbranded. I'm glad they all fit!

Cute denim overalls from Zumiez (Gosh I haven't shopped there since like middle school LMAO) and tie up skinny jeans from Pacsun, which I thought would go nicely with lots of Dia clothes.

Here we have lots of misc items. For some reason I kept finding the cutest bracelets for sale everywhere. And since they were so cheap I couldn't stop myself from getting them. Sunglasses are from a gas station but they are probably my favorite ones I have ever owned hehe. Watch is from Marc Jacobs and it's my first fancy (nonplastic) watch! Newest issue of Ageha and socks were a gift from Miki

Above is the DIA belt I ordered from Japan, new Michael Kors wallet and Guess bag which reminded me of Rady brand from Japan! I love the floral print because it's girly yet mature.

Hoodies are always a must for cuteness and comfort. Found some cute ones at Victoria's Secret on sale + got that really cheap sleeveless neon one from Charlotte Russe. It was actually my first time ever shopping there.

These items I got at Rue21, another really cheap store that I had never been in before! I wish they had them closer to where I live but they are usually only in suburbs and outlet malls it seems.

And finally a sequined tank top from the Coca Cola store in Vegas and a couple cute tops for the summer!

And now I'm broke but that's ok, I never get to go to outlet malls anyways.


After Super D, we drove to Las Vegas. We stayed at Excalibur. It was such a cool place. It was my first time visiting and man there was so much to do and see. It almost reminded me a little of Japan because of all the neon lights and overly exaggerated buildings and fancy malls.

We got to see the water show at the Caesar's Palace! It was beauuutiifulll
On our last day there we went to a buffet in Mandalay Bay and Miki, Yui and I got to see O at the Bellagio. It was really incredible. My mom was super jealous too. Most of our days we spent going on epic shopping sprees while the guys went and other things. I'll make a big shopping post about it later. 


Super D was held at Grange Motor Circuit for the second time on April 14th! It was nothing short of amazing. We started at Wolfreign Motors in Oakland on the morning of April 12th where the guys prepped the cars and then we all went to the airport to pick up Miki, Naoki, Nishio and Yui. Most of the day was spent catching up and then we had a little shopping spree and went out to dinner. I think this is the fanciest slab of meat I've ever eaten. 
The cars are ready!! 
So in a 15 person van we left around 2AM and got to our motel at 8AM on Friday.
On the days of the event I worked the booth for the N-style / Pink Style merch with Yui!

Afterward, as tradition, we went to the Korean BBQ place we went to last year with like 30 other people.